What does FOVISEE stand for?

The Housing, Sustainability and Energies Forum

FOVISEE is a Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organization which aims to improve quality of life in low-income communities, foster care for the environment and reduce the greenhouse effect by generating energy savings in affordable housing and guaranteeing universal access to energy and adequate housing.

FOVISEE works with the public, private, and academic sectors, as well as civil society. Through cross-sector coordination and public-private partnerships, FOVISEE’s projects have developed new models for energy efficient affordable housing, rehabilitated housing through the use of energy efficiency criteria and technology, and audited energy use and assessed opinions and perceptions regarding energy consumption in low –income neighborhoods.

The FOVISEE initiative has three working areas:

  1. “Laboratory in the Neighborhood”: The design, implementation, and evaluation of field projects in low income neighborhoods
  2. Cultural Change: The generation of a cultural change that promotes awareness of energy efficiency in housing, and particularly in low-income housing.
  3. Consulting/Advising: FOVISEE works with both public and private institutions on subjects such as housing, poverty, energy, and sustainability. Due to our experience we help lead projects such as Corporate Social Responsibility plans, training workshops, and sustainability in office buildings.
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