FOVISEE at a glance

- In the media: check out what national and international media said about FOVISEE in 2012

- "Instructions Manual for a Sustainable Use of the Home": watch video.

- “10 Homes for more Energy”. 2010. FOVISEE and partners adapted 10 social housing homes in La Perla, Buenos Aires to include energy efficiency criteria and solar panels for the heating of water. This pilot project soon evolved into “Project 100: Argentina’s first energy efficient neighborhood”. The end goal of this project is to adapt 100 homes in La Perla to include energy efficiency criteria.

- FOVISEE awarded a “Best Practice Certificate”. 2010. Selected as a Best Practice by the International Jury for the Dubai International Award for Best Practices.

- “International Solar Thermal Energy Seminar”. 2011. FOVISEE created a campaign to promote solar energy in Argentina in both the public and private spheres. A highlight from the campaign was the international workshop where Engineer Carlos Felipe da Cunha Faria shared experiences in Brazil surrounding the integration of sustainability criteria in social housing, including the use of Solar Thermal Energy.

- “’Energy, Housing, and Sustainability’ FOVISEE’s 4th International Conference. August 2011. Institutions such as the American Planning Association, the Brazilian Ministry of Cultural Infrastructure, the National Industrial Technology Institute (INTI), the Uruguayan Renewable Energies Division, among many others, were represented and presented at the international conference.

- “First Energy Efficient Neighbourhood in Argentina”: 33 more sustainable homes. 2011. After the installation of 23 additional solar panels in La Perla, Buenos Aires (part of Project 100), FOVISEE and partners participated in the inauguration of new public housing units in Moreno. FOVISEE team members accompanied families with solar panels to their new homes, and participated in the press conference.

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