FOVISEE Management & Resources

FOVISEE is a non-profit foundation. Businesses (Corporate Responsibility), individual contributions, and international cooperation grants are the source of FOVISEE’s funding. Above all, the Forum strives to bring together a variety of institutions from the public and private sectors that contribute to FOVISEE’s projects with human, technical and financial resources.

FOVISEE’s main partners include: the German Embassy, the Finnish Embassy, CIHE (Energy and Habitat Research Center), University of Buenos Aires School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, DRS-UTN (Social Responsibility Department, National Technological University), INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), Edenor (largest electricity distributor in Argentina),ISOVER Saint-Gobain, and IDUAR (Regional, Urban and Environmental Development Institute, Municipality of Moreno).

One of the Forum’s main missions is to promote networking and collaboration between institutions that work with, or strive to work with energy efficiency and promote its diffusion. During the last year, FOVISEE received institutional support from: International Union of Architects, U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, AECID, Red-Pop: Network for the Popularization of Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean, Avina, National Energy Secretary, Argentina’s Chamber of Renewable Energies (CADER), Central Society of Architects, University of Buenos Aires School of Economic Sciences, Catholic University of Argentina, Ecumenical Social Forum, and Energe.

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