U.S. Ambassador Visits “SustentabilizarHogares” Project in Campana

Noah Mamet, Embajador de Estados Unidos; Sebastián Abella, Intendente de Campana y Nicolás Maggio, Presidente de FOVISEE

The U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, Noah Mamet, recently toured the neighborhood of La Josefa along with the FOVISEE team. The visit took place as part of the “SustentabilizarHogares” project, which aims to reach 100 homes. The organization hopes the project will become a public policy model for the region.

In January of 2016, U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet joined the FOVISEE team for a visit to the neighborhood of La Josefa in Campana, a municipality located about an hour outside of Buenos Aires. There, with embassy support, FOVISEE is carrying out the “SustentabilizarHogares” project that will improve the sustainability of around 100 homes. FOVISEE, in collaboration with WeatherizersWithout Borders (WWB), is adapting the U.S. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) to the Argentine context and local construction methods through the creation of training materials with a curriculum in Spanish. The project has included the training of members of a worker cooperative in Campana, which has generated green jobs and increased knowledge of sustainability and energy in low-income housing. One of the project’s goals is to raise awareness about energy savings and the use of appliances, promoting cultural change in the beneficiary families and giving them the tools to make their homes more sustainable and safe. FOVISEE draws on the 40 years of experience that the Weatherization Assistance Program has accumulated in the United States to design a public policy in Argentina that benefits low-income families, contributing to quality-of-life improvements and making their homes more safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

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