FOVISEE to Carry Out Field Measurements of Solar Thermal Collectors in La Perla

Solar Thermal Collectors in La Perla neighborhood, Moreno


The project will collect information to evaluate the performance of the devices and investigate families’ consumption patterns. The measurements will be used to guide decisions about which devices and size to use in future public policies.

The FOVISEE team has begun to collect information to analyze the performance of the devices according to the consumption of the families in the neighborhood of La Perla, located in the municipality of Moreno. The project involves measuring the temperature and volume of hot water used in the bathroom and the kitchen.

The project is one-of-a-kind since it calls for long-term measurement of real-life consumption patterns, which have never taken of this technology in operation. The measurements will be taken from solar collectors installed for at least three years and will be carried out during different seasons of the year. These type of in-field measurements will provide key information about the useful life of the installed equipment and about appropriate tank sizing.

The solar collectors are an economic and environmentally-friendly solution that do not produce waste or emissions and that also reduce energy costs. They were installed in 42 residences with the aim of reducing energy expenditures and increasing families’ savings. Further, the project has provided hot water to a number of families that previously lacked it in their bathrooms.

FOVISEE aims to use the project’s results to guide the use of solar collectors in future social housing plans in the most effective manner: without generating losses and guaranteeing an efficient and long-term functioning.

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