“Cultural Change” Instructions Manual for the Sustainable Use of the Home

“Cultural Change” Instructions Manual for the Sustainable Use of the Home

Each year, thousands of low-income families receive public housing units from the government. These families mostly come from informal settlements or slums and are many times not aware of the correct and sustainable use of the home. In order to ensure the home´s sustainability and its ability to protect families from health hazards, the climate, and other calamities associated with sub-par housing, FOVISEE created the aforementioned instructions manual. Our logic is that if simple appliances, such as clocks and radios come with an instructions manual, why is the home, which is infinitely more complex, without one?

The Instructions Manual, funded by the Finnish Embassy and Edenor, guides the new recipients of public housing on the following: how to save energy in the home, how to avoid accidents associated with gas and electricity, how to save water, and lastly, the proper management and reduction of garbage (The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

The Instructions Manual is accompanied by a series of workshops held directly in the community and FOVISEE aims to reach 1000 families by the end of the project. 


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