Photo Contest

Photo Contest: 
“Housing and Energy under the Light of Sustainability: Better and Worse Practices”

In order to provoke a cultural change in Argentina, where there is little consciousness regarding renewable energies and environmental care, FOVISEE and its partners at the American Planning Association are launching a photography contest that challenges photographers and photo enthusiasts alike to submit photos that recognize the relationship between housing, energy and sustainability. The photographs may reflect public policy or everyday domestic practices and the best photos will be displayed in a traveling expo in Argentina and across the Americas 

International Conferences
Since FOVISEE’s creation 2 years ago, the Forum has hosted 4 international conferences on energy efficiency, housing policy and sustainability, where members from civil society, the private sector, academia, and the government participate. FOVISEE’s last conference, “Housing, Energy and Sustainability” was held at the University of Buenos Aires’s School of Architecture (FADU-UBA) and over 100 people attended. Notable institutions such as the American Planning Association, the Brazilian Ministry of Cultural Infrastructure, the National Industrial Technology Institute (INTI), the Uruguayan Renewable Energies Division, among many others, were represented and presented at the international conference. 

1° International Conference
2° International Conference
3° International Conference
4° International Conference

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