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Project 100: Argentina’s first energy efficient neighborhood

Due to the nature of social housing programs in Argentina thousands of homes are constructed without considering energy efficiency. Within the poorer sectors of society, sustainable forms of energy are fundamental in order to guarantee basic needs such as heating, the provision of heated water, lighting, recreation, etc.

In light of this situation, FOVISEE and its partners provided 10 social housing homes in Buenos Aires with solar panels (solar thermal energy) and other simple technologies (window screens, curtains, etc.). The project demonstrated that, with minimal additional costs, sustainable forms of energy could be provided and reduced energy consumption by up to 50% in affected households.

In an effort to extend the benefits of the aforementioned project, FOVISEE, with funding from the German Embassy and Edenor, expanded the project to reach 100 homes in La Perla, Buenos Aires (municipality of Moreno). The installation of solar panels (Solar Thermal Energy) and the application of energy efficiency criteria to 100 public housing units would constitute Argentina`s first sustainable and energy efficient neighborhood.

The end goal of the project is to provide a model for public housing policy in Argentina, demonstrating that sustainability and energy efficiency criteria can be included in housing projects without large additional costs. FOVISEE has also demonstrated that the application of said criteria translates into significant reductions in energy costs for the families and a marked improvement in the quality of life (hygiene, comfort, health), as well as the obvious benefits to the environment due to the reduction in C02 emissions.

Moving towards this goal, in December FOVISEE and its partners successfully installed 23 additional solar panels to selected families in La Perla, bringing the grand total to 33 homes. Due to FOVISEE`s involvement in the neighborhood, and the close ties the team members had developed with various families, the Municipality of Moreno invited FOVISEE to participate in the inauguration of new public housing units in La Perla. FOVISEE team members accompanied families with solar panels to their new homes, participated in the press conference and filmed the event. Since then, FOVISEE’s work has been gaining popularity and a spot in the public agenda, with major Argentine news stations and newspapers covering the project.

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